Dear Investor,

Tally Two Investment Group is looking to build long-term relationships with potential investors looking to buy homes in need of repairs. Are you looking for the next great deal, monthly cash flow, or wanting to build long-term assets? Well, like everyone keeps telling you, now is the time to buy real estate. Are you tired of the foreclosure competition and multiple offers? Have no time to locate the great deals that you know are out there? Tally Two has been successful at locating these great investment opportunities. Tally Two does all the legwork involved in locating homes with a large potential for profit, and turn them over to investors!

This is a win-win strategy for all. Tally Two Investment Group will profit by assigning the lead to you and you’ll profit from your chosen investment strategy. Call Tally Two today for more details. Tally Two Investment Group doesn’t share any information with third parties. Your information will be kept completely private.

Do You Have an Investment Property For Sale?

We’re currently working with local Investors, Landlords and Wholesalers to purchase properties. If you have an investment opportunity and are looking to sell, please contact Brian at: 512-763-0883. We can pay cash, close quickly and are very serious about working with like-minded people in the Austin area. Give us a call today or click the button below and join our buyers list!

If You’re Looking to Buy or Sell Investment Properties, Call Us Today!


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We promise to give you a fair offer for your home without the typical low-ball tactics Investors typically use. We strive to make our offers benefit all parties. Don’t underestimate the value of working with honest, experienced people. Contact us today and sell your home fast.